Austrian Links

Most of these are in German though some do have an "English" facility. Many of these resources are not, strictly speaking, genealogical but might nevertheless be of interest for researchers abroad.

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09/2014 Summary: Castle Links (Wikipedia)
to help you find info about historic buildings.



Austrian Church Resources

- Catholic:
- Lutheran:

- Jewish / Israelitische Kultusgemeinde:

- LDS: 

09/2014 Summary: Links to Austrian Media (Wikipedia)
selected daily papers, radio, TV.


02/2017 ANNO - AustriaN Newspapers Online (in German)
by the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library) including online search of historical newspapers (1689-1946).
09/2014 Historikerkanzlei Genealogisch-Historische Recherchen GmbH
was founded in 2004 by four historians in cooperation with a university professor for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna and has been concerned with global genealogic-historic research from the beginning. The service package includes: 
Procurement of (historic) diploma, birth, marriage, and death certificates, procurement of citizenship certificates (if desired in cooperation with lawyers also their validation), search for relatives and ancestors, drawing up genealogical trees, global search for unknown heirs, procurement of certificates ascertaining nobility status, procurement of documents necessary to claim restitution



Lehmann Online - Digital Address Books, Vienna 1859 - 1942

The "Wiener Adressverzeichnis Lehmann"  is now available online (in German). Some 200.000 pages list only proprietors and tenants, but not subtenants.

09/2014 MOM - Monasterium
[Virtuelles Urkundenarchiv österreichischer Klöster]
An online archive of medieval charters (till 1500) and a representative collection of documents of the following centuries from many sources including the following monasteries: Aggsbach, Altenburg, Ardagger, Dürnstein, Gaming, Geras, Göttweig, Heiligenkreuz, Herzogenburg, Klosterneuburg, Lilienfeld, Mariazell in Österreich, Mauerbach, Melk, Neukloster, Pernegg, Säusenstein, Schottenstift, Seitenstetten, St. Andrä, St. Dorothea, St. Pölten and Zwettl.


09/2014 Heraldisch-Genealogische Gesellschaft "ADLER"
Information about the genealogical society and its library in German but very little content or research guidance.


09/2014 Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1848-1918 by Glenn Jewison & Jörg C. Steiner


09/2014 The Museum of Military History
in Vienna


09/2014 The Wien Museum
A general-purpose metropolitan museum with a wide range of collections and exhibitions – from the history of the city to art, fashion and modern culture, from the earliest settlements to the present day. If you are interested in Vienna, this is the place to pick up its traces.


09/2014 Genealogic Research in Carinthia
by Hans Pawlik jr.


09/2014 Dorotheum
the famous Austrian auction house (antiques, art, etc.)


04/2015 Heraldik Atelier - Erika Watzenegger
a commercial heraldry, calligraphy and genealogy service in Vorarlberg (in German).


09/2014 Jewish Museum, Vienna
with information about its exhibitions and archives.


09/2014 The Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DÖW)
with information about the library and archive.


09/2014 Vienna Database on European Family History
very interesting ennumerations and census information. Some interactive queries are possible but offline analysis requires installion of Kleio, special DB program developed at the Max-Planck Institute for History in Göttingen. Thanks to Ludwig Blaha for finding this link.



FAMILIE AUSTRIA - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Genealogie und Geschichte

an Austrian society for genealogy and history, located in Vienna. 


09/2014 Austrian Family History
an excellent site by Kent Stuetz that provides a helpful source of information and tools to assist you to conduct successful Austrian genealogical research. Also information about the "Southern Waldviertel Family History Project"




founded Ing. Felix Gundacker, these free databases containing more than 10 million records are made by and for genealogists (more than registered 25,500 users).


02/2017 IHFF - Institute for Historical Family Research
is a company (established 1989 by Ing. Felix Gundacker) that can undertake to do your research for a fee.


09/2014 The Burgenland Bunch
is a group of genealogists performing various research projects relating to the province of Burgenland. Excellent free monthly newsletters.


09/2014 Online Telephone Directory


09/2014 The Austrian National Library
As the central academic library of the Republic of Austria, the Austrian National Library (ANL) looks back over a history rich in tradition going as far as the 14th century.


09/2014 The Austrian State Archives
with essential information for researchers.



The Libraries of the University of Vienna
provides a very comprehensive index.

See also: Universities in Austria (Wikipedia)


09/2014 Austria-Forum
including the AEIOU-Lexikon, an encyclopedia of Austrian culture and heritage with a search facility.


09/2014 The Vienna City Council
including information about the Vienna City Archives and
Tracing Your Ancestors in Vienna.


09/2014 Austria National Tourist Office
provides some useful information about Austria today.


09/2014 The Central Statistical Office in Austria
with useful census information.