It is important to distinguish between present-day Austria and the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empire of the past.


Many "Austian" towns and provinces are no longer part of Austria and many probably bear different names today. If you are not sure, check using any of the fine place finder resources. In some cases provinces have been re-defined or split amongst different countries. The following table illustrates a few (simplified) examples of such changes:

German name English name Native name Now in . . .
Krain Carniola Krajina mainly Slovenia
Kroatien Croatia Hrvatska mainly Croatia
Veneto Veneto Veneto Italy
Schlesien Silesia   Poland and Czech Republic
Galizien Galicia   mainly Poland
Mähren Moravia   mainly Czech Republic
Böhmen Bohemia   Czech Republic
Siebenbürgen Transylvania Erdély Romania
Untersteiermark Lower-Styria   Slovenia
Südtirol South Tyrol   Italy

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