General Information

  • The purpose of these pages to give some basic guidance to persons living abroad and wanting to trace their ancestors and their family roots in Austria.

  • These pages contain references to both free (voluntary/amateur) and commercial services. If you hit a dead end, you might want to resort to a commercial service or consider placing an ad in an Austrian newspaper or in a forum.

  • The Links (which will always start a new instance of your browser) list some excellent resources that might help answer your questions. Check them out before posting a query. For example, if you want some information about a specific place, try the place finder page. If you need general historical background information, you could try an encyclopedia such as Wikipedia.


Please try to avoid questions like "My great-grandfather Franz Huber was born in the Austrian Empire. Can you tell me something about his family ?".


Be as specific as possible and include the data you already have.