Present-day Republic of Austria (see the official pages of the Federal Chancellery that includes a short summary of Austrian history) consists of the following provinces:

German name English name Capital RLL Goverment Link
Wien Vienna Wien WIE
Niederösterreich Lower Austria St. Pölten NOE
Oberösterreich Upper Austria Linz OOE
Steiermark Styria Graz STE
Burgenland Burgenland Eisenstadt BUR
Kärnten Carinthia Klagenfurt KAE
Salzburg Salzburg Salzburg SAB
Tirol Tyrol Innsbruck TIR
Voralberg Voralberg Bregenz VOR

Which resources should I use and where should I post my queries?

The RLL Code is used when registering research on the Roots Surname List and on the Roots Location List eg. for Lower Austria: NOE, AUT


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