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German is the language spoken in Austria; letters to Austrian institutions are more likely to be answered if they are written in German. Check the form letters and translation services.


See the LDS German Letter-Writing Guide.


Remember that research costs time and money. When making snail-mail inquiries, as a matter of courtesy, always enclose 2 international reply coupons and an addressed envelope.


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Genealogical research in Austria tends to be difficult for a number of reasons:


  • Genealogy has a slightly negative "flavour" in Austria. It is often associated with the misuse of genealogical research during the Nazi era and many Austrians unfortunately consider it as old fashioned and as a pastime for nobility and would-be-aristocrats. 
  • Austrian data privacy laws are very strict; lookups are difficult and frequently require valid powers of attorney, proof of descent, etc.
  • The boarders of Austria have changed over the centuries. Austria used to be a large empire; today Austria is a small country and a member of the European Union.



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