Austrian Empire and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (till 1918)

Basically the Austrian provinces of today were part of the old Austrian empire too. However, for searches relating to former crownlands, duchies, countships or other territories of the historical empire or the double monarchy, select the respective GenWeb country as indicated below and/or post your queries to the appropriate Rootsweb message boards.

English name
RLL Code
German name
Recommended Resource Message Board
Austria of today AUT Österreich Go to Modern Austrian provinces Austria
Austria-Hungary AUT-HUN Österreich Select one of the crownlands, duchies or provinces from the list below Austria-Hungary
Austrian Littoral AUT
Küstenland Use KüstenlandGenWeb hosted by Richard Camaur. Küstenland
Bohemia BOH, AUT Böhmen Use CzechGenWeb Bohemia
Czech Republic
Bukovina BUK, AUT Bukovina Use RomanianGenWeb or UkraineGenWeb Romania
Carniola KRA, AUT Krain Use SloveniaGenWeb Slovenia
Dalmatia DAL, AUT Dalmatien Use CroatiaGenWeb Croatia
Galicia GAI, AUT Galizien Use PolishGenWeb or UkraineGenWeb (for Lodomeria) Poland   Ukraine
Illyria ILR, AUT Illyrien Use CroatiaGenWeb Croatia
Istria IST, AUT Istrien Use CroatiaGenWeb Croatia
Lombardy LOM, AUT Lombardei Use ItalianGenWeb Italy
Moravia MAE, AUT Mähren Use CzechGenWeb Moravia
Silesia SCI, AUT Schlesien Use CzechGenWeb (Austrian Silesia) or PolishGenWeb Moravia
Sudetenland SUD, AUT Sudetenland Use CzechGenWeb Czech Republic
Sundgau SUN, AUT Sundgau Use FranceGenWeb France
Veneto VNT, AUT Veneto Use ItalianGenWeb Italy